Spring Weddings: Zesty Lemon Yellow Wedding Inspiration

Have you ever considered a zesty lemon yellow wedding colour scheme for your Spring or Summer wedding? This fab colour is vibrant, bright and bursting with sunshine. It’s bound to make your big day feel beautiful and full of happiness. Read on and discover how to work lemon yellow into your wedding décor and details…

yellow wedding decorations and ideas

Lemon Yellow Wedding Ideas

If you’re feeling brave enough to don a sunshine yellow wedding gown, we salute you! However, we feel the majority of brides are more likely to include understated lemon details in their bridal outfit. Yellow heels will add a pop of colour to your aisle style as will a chic yellow cardigan for the evening reception. If you’re struggling with choosing yellow accessories, don’t fret! Golden hair vines and gilded jewellery are a stunning choice.

Yellow is often seen as a difficult colour when it comes to the groom’s wedding suit, but we’ve got a couple of different options that you might like. Team a navy suit with mustard yellow accessories – the two colours work beautifully together without being too much. Alternatively, pair pale lemon accessories with a grey suit – yellow and grey are a very chic duo.

Zesty lemon is a wonderful colour for choosing your wedding bouquet. Custard yellow tulips, cream garden roses and pretty daises are just gorgeous together. Add in lots of greenery for a wild wedding bouquet that looks like it could have been hand-picked from the garden. Your bridesmaids will look delightful carrying smaller bouquets of daisies and even gypsophila. Have you ever considered wearing a flower crown on your big day? This a gorgeous option for a bride who wants to channel her inner boho on her big day!

You can get seriously imaginative with your wedding food and drinks with this cheerful theme. Small bottles of limoncello make wonderful wedding favours and they’ll certainly start the party. Offer a large drinks dispenser full of lemonade to your guests – you could create a drinks stationery with fresh lemons and mint. A delicious wedding cake consisting of lemon sponge and zesty drizzle is obviously a must-have with this wedding theme!

One of the easiest ways to reflect this bright theme through your wedding décor is to use actual lemons as the main focus. Rustic wooden crates brimming with fresh lemons will set the scene effortlessly. When it comes to place settings, why not tie luggage tags with twine around a lemon and place on each plate. Not only will it show your guests where to sit, it’ll add a burst of colour to your reception tables.

A delightful yellow wedding colour scheme is perfect if you want guaranteed sunshine on your special day. It would also look wonderful for a destination wedding!

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Daisies Wedding Flowers ~ Get To Know Your Wedding Flowers

This week on Get To Know Your Wedding Flowers, Karen Morgan of Passion for Flowers talks all about daisies. Daisies add a real summer feel to your day, read on if you are looking for inspiration on how to include daisies into your wedding.

Daisies Wedding Flowers

daisy wedding flowers daisies

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Daisies or Marguerites are the most common daisy flower with classic yellow centred daisy with a single row of white petals. At Passion for Flowers we also love Asters commonly known as Michaelmas daisy or September flowers.  Tanacetum or Feverfew a more delicate variety of daisy type flower is also a great favourite for just picked weddings.

What season are daisies available in?

Generally available as cut flowers all year round – Marguerites are often sold as plants during the summer months.

Would daisies look good in a bridal bouquet?

Daisies look good in relaxed hand tied bridal bouquets either en masses for a beautiful white bouquet with a touch of yellow or as part of a mixed bouquet with other seasonal blooms, anemones and ranunculus make a good combination and for a yellow and white wedding make sure you include yellow Billy balls or craspedia. For a bright wedding we love them clashing with the coral charm peony.

daisy wedding flowers bouquets daisies

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Could daisies be used in button holes or corsages?

Daisies do not stand up well to wiring but they are perfect for just picked button holes finished with hessian or twine. We love making a selection for our wedding guests to choose from.

button holes daisies daisy

Source 1 & 3 Passion for Flowers 2 Plan Your Perfect Wedding

What style of wedding do daisies work with?

Daisies work with country style or just picked weddings offering a relaxed look and feel to the day.

Is there an alternative at another time of year/cheaper?

For some wedding work brides ask for large daisy type blooms and actually mean gerbera daisies. These are available in a wide range of colours and are relatively inexpensive.

How can daisies be used as table centre pieces?

Daisies can be used in informal table centre pieces in bottles and jars. For a relaxed but more contemporary look put large daisy displays in metal containers running down the table centre.

What colour do daisies come in?

Daisies or marguerites come in white, yellow or pink. Asters or September flowers come in white, pink, pale lilac, deep lilac and purple. Tanacetum or Feverfew comes in yellow, lemon and most commonly in white.

daisy wedding flowers wedding centrepieces daisies

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How else can I use daisies at my wedding?

For a relaxed meadow look to your table add daisies to the place setting with herbs, or use for delicate head dresses, although in my opinion these are often too soft for wiring and may not hold up during the day. Daisies included in simple cake decoration add a touch of rustic or country feel or add a huge bunch on a display table as a warm welcome to your guests.


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Do you have any conditioning tips for using daisies?

Re cut stems and stand in clean fresh water which should be changed daily. Add flower food. Remove any leaves in contact with water. Keep in a cool spot with good circulation of air. With tanacetum or feverfew take care as it can be an irritant to skin.

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