Have you thought of using keys are part of your wedding decorations? Here at The Wedding of my Dreams we think they look beautiful. Use antique keys, or keys which have a special meaning to you, maybe they open a door to a special place or open an old family jewellery box.

keys wedding decorations button holes

{Keys on button holes: Lavender and Twine}

If you are going to use keys as part of your wedding decoration they could be incorporated into your grooms button holes. If you have a special key use this for your groom, and other antique looking keys for the rest of your male bridal party.

keys wedding decorations{Keys as wedding decorations: Lavender and Twine}

Hang keys from branches planted in a pot or bucket and make your own wedding table decorations, they would make lovely wedding centrepeices, alternatively use these mini trees as wish trees.
keys wedding decorations wish trees

 {Keys hanging from wish trees: Apryl Ann Photography}

Keys also add unique touches to escort cards, if you’ve not come across escort cards before they are similar to table plans. Each guest has an individual escort card with their table number on the back, often guests can choose where they sit on that table. Make your escort cards by tying keys with ribbon to your luggage tags.
keys wedding decorations escort cards

{Key Escort Cards: Kate Headley, Style Me PrettyBrandon Kidd Photography}

What do you think of this idea? Would you use keys in your wedding decorations? We’d love to hear your thoughts.

Gemma x

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  1. Your website is really amazing! I would have never thought of using keys in my wedding decorations but they look so pretty here. x x

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