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Collect all your ideas in a wedding scrap book

Have you just got engaged? CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

If you’ve started browsing wedding blogs and bought all the latest copies of wedding magazines {as every new bride to be does} you will no doubt have millions of ideas floating about your head. To be honest there are so many ideas it can all start to get a bit overwhelming.

Where to Start?

Decide on the perfect wedding for you! Remember what the day is all about, spending time with friends and family to celebrate your special day.

Why not sit down quietly with your partner and decide which elements are most important to your day and which are less important. Do you want a large lavish wedding or are you happier have a smaller less formal event with close family and friends.  Check that your ideas are similar and try to iron out any problems in what you both feel at this stage before involving others in your discussion!

You will then both feel more in control when you talk with your family about the day you are planning and will not get bulldozed into someone else’s dream wedding!

Start keeping a wedding planner or scrap book full of ideas you like from magazines and on line.
wedding scrap book

This wedding planner can cover ideas for your wedding dress, type of venue, style and type of flowers you like, shoes, style of wedding venue, any ideas on colour or a theme for your big day.  Make up different sections in your wedding planner book for different areas of your wedding.

wedding scrap book

Keep your wedding scrap book with you so you can add ideas to build up a perfect image of the day you would love. If you visit any wedding fairs only keep brochures and leaflets of suppliers who really stood out to you. Keep them in your wedding scrap book to research in more detail at a later scrap book

Take your wedding scrap book along to supplier meetings, especially to your wedding florist so they can get an overall feel for the style of wedding you are trying to achieve and help with ideas. At Passion for Flowers we love looking through brides scrap books, we take inspiration from all aspects of their wedding ideas when helping them choose their wedding flowers.

As you move through the planning process you can add to your wedding scrap book and see how your ideas evolve. Don’t worry if you have too many ideas at the beginning of the planning process. Keep looking at your wedding scrap book to see which themes and ideas you keep selecting and are most drawn to… It might be that you have stuck in the same image more than once!

Your wedding scrap book will make a lovely keepsake to look back on in years to come.

At The Wedding of my Dreams we have a gorgeous wedding scrap book / planner perfect for all you new brides to be, it also makes a beautiful gift for a newly engaged couple.

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  1. I loved this idea to keep a scrap book to help me to build my own dream wedding with all the wedding informations to be in. It will look back and remember that we got married.

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