Our new alphabet stickers can be used in loads of different ways, which is your favourite?

Spell out words using the alphabet stickers on to luggage tags. You could hang words such as THANKS and CARDS from an old suitcase or birdcage to show guests where to leave their cards there. You could also hang MR AND MRS from the bride and groom’s chairs as chair backs.alphabet stickers

The alphabet stickers look great on our luggage tags, especially to personalise guests wedding favours. Adding the initial of your guest to their gift is a lovely way to gift wrap.

alphabet stickers

Place settings could also be as simple as leaving a luggage tag on each guests seat with their initial on. They could then use this luggage tag to write their wishes to the new couple and hang on the wish tree later in the day.

Our A-Z stickers currently come in rustic brown (larger size) and black and white (smaller size).alphabet stickers

When making your cards for your table plan is looks fab if you give it a title. Something as simple as TABLES or MR AND MRS on our birdcage table plans.
alphabet stickers

Can you think of any other ways they could be used?

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  1. The birdcage wall hanging with the table assignments on it is a fantastic idea. I plan on using that idea in an upcoming event, very creative and the best ideas are stolen…I am stealing that one. Thanks for the great post!

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