Here at The Wedding of my Dreams we love it when couples add personal touches to their weddings through their decorations. Have you thought of how you will be numbering or naming your tables, would you like to add a personal touch?

Personalised Wedding Table Number Ideas!

If you are choosing to number your wedding tables we love the idea of adding a photo of the bride and groom at that age. If you have 12 tables you will have photos of the bride and groom from ages 1 to 12. Guests will love looking through the photos and it really adds a personal touch to your tables.These photos could be displayed on card holders or in photo frames depending on your wedding style.

wedding table numbers with photos of the bride and groom at the age. Personalised Wedding Table Number Ideas

Photo credit: Hyer Images

Other perseonalised table number ideas include naming rather than numbering your tables. Name your tables after something personal to you as a couple. Some ideas include

  • Names of places you have visited together
  • Names of places you have been to on dates
  • Names of festivals and bands you have been to see
  • Names of your favourite flowers
  • Names of your favourite sports
  • Names of your favourite films
  • Quotes from your favourite films / songs
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  1. Hi, we are looking for a quote please on table name cards for 6 tables, plus our top table, which we’d like printed on both sides with some photos and the names of places we’ve been together, can you help?

    Many thanks,
    Jackie Brereton

  2. Hi Jackie,

    Thanks for getting in touch. We don’t actually personalise table number cards, our blog is a source of inspiration. We do however sell a couple of bits and pieces that could help you make your own table number cards.
    Our alphabet stamps, postcards and even our world map wedding table plan might be of interest. Please browse our online shop for more info.


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