When To Buy Natural Wedding Confetti Petals?

Are you using our natural biodegradable confetti petals for your wedding confetti? You’ve made a great choice if you are. Our confetti petals come in 5 different colour ways to suit any style of wedding, ivory, blush pink, deep purple, blue and summer mix (our favourite!).

When To Buy Natural Wedding Confetti Petals? And many more questions answered…

Read on to find out some of our frequently asked questions about buying real confetti petals for your wedding.

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Natural biodegradable wedding confetti petals in blue pink cream purple mix

Here we have answered some of your most common confetti petal questions.

Are your petals biodegradable?

Yes! Our petals are 100% natural and biodegradable. Our petals all come from delphiniums which have been grown with love and care on a family farm. The petals are hand picked and packed with no artificial colourings added.

My venue only allows natural petals. Are yours OK?

Most venues and churches are perfectly happy with biodegradable petals. Our petals will biodegrade in a couple of days so the venue will not have to sweep them up. If petals are left scattered around your venue they act exactly the same as blossom falling from trees or petals falling from flowers and will biodegrade very quickly.

When Should I Buy My Confetti?

Our petals last for up to 1 year. We suggest ordering 2 – 3 months before your wedding as they will keep so well, but don’t worry if you leave it until the last minute as we have a next day delivery option you can choose. Once you receive the petals we suggest storing them in a cool dry place.

How much should I buy?

We sell our petals by the handful to make it easy for you to calculate this. One handful will also fill one cone.

Do I need to buy enough petals for everyone attending my wedding?

This is completely up to you! You can buy enough for everyone if you wish, or just for half the number of guests as you may find couples only take one handful between them. Some guests may also bring their own confetti.

I’m sprinkling the petals over a table, how much should I buy?

Our petals make a lovely table decoration, sprinkle one handful over each round table or trestle table. Use blush pink natural confetti petals to cover tables - available from The Wedding of my Dreams @theweddingomd

What do you suggest I present the petals in?

You can keep it simple and pour your petals into a basket or trug that is left at the back of the church for guests to help themselves.


Display your confetti petals in paper cones for guests to have a cone each or cone between their family.


Alternatively display your confetti petals in glass jars, you could have a mix of different colours and guests could help themselves as to which colour they fancy.


Our cotton confetti bags are also a popular choice, we have bags that read ‘sprinkle me‘ and ‘throw me‘ which is a lovely touch. Or how about pouring your petals into cones.

Sprinkle Me / Throw Me petal confetti bags - available from The Wedding of my Dreams @theweddingomd

Pop to the shop to see our natural confetti!

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20 Tips For Planning a Winter Wedding

Winter really is a wonderful time of year to tie the knot, but it does come with some challenges. From travel disruption to cold weather, it can be hard to ignore the problems! However, follow our top tips and you can easily avoid any difficulties! You’ll be on the way to the Winter wedding of your dreams…

20 Tips For Planning Winter Weddings - put together by The Wedding of my Dreams @theweddingomd

Image SourcePhotographer

20 Tips For Planning a Winter Wedding

1 Winter is a popular time for both weddings and parties. Make sure you book your ideal wedding venue well in advance to avoid any disappointment. You’ll be surprised about how many venues get booked up for Christmas functions.

2 The same applies for your wedding guests! Let your friends and family know about your wedding date in advance so that they can plan their Christmas break. Lots of people will be going away on holiday or visiting family, and you don’t want to receive a ton of declining RSVPs!

20 tips for planning a winter wedding 100layercake-com-tandemphoto-co-uk

Image Source Photographer

3 We all know that the British weather can be testing at the best of times – especially in Winter! Ask your guests to arrive at your venue earlier than you would usually to allow for any travel disruptions. This also applies to the bride – you don’t want to be late to your own wedding!

4 When it comes to a Winter wedding, it’s best to hold your ceremony and reception in the same place. This is generally easier for wedding guests anyway, but particularly in the Winter. Opt for a wedding venue with accommodation too, this way your guests won’t have to travel home in the middle of the night.

5 Hang lots of lanterns around your wedding venue entrance for a wonderful, warm welcome. Lanterns lined along the ceremony aisle will look gorgeous too. We’re also huge fans of using lanterns as reception table centrepieces.

20 tips for planning a winter wedding rockmywedding-co-uk-lolarosephotography-com

Image Source Photographer

6 Warm and cosy wedding venues with lots of fireplaces are ideal for a Winter wedding. Your guests can gather around the fireplace with a warming drink or cocktail – perfection!

7 Candles are a must-have at any Winter wedding! Use lots of tea-lights on your reception tables and even your gift table.

8 Make sure you and your bridesmaids stay warm during your wedding day! Chic sequin jackets or soft faux fur boleros will look stylish while making sure you stay toasty. You’ll thank us during the outdoor photographs!

20 tips for planning a winter wedding stylemepretty-com-melinawallisch-com

Image SourcePhotographer

Opt for Christmas-themed or festive wedding favours. Have you seen our 15 fab wedding favours for Winter weddings?

10 Don’t forget about beauty prep! Winter can cause chaos when it comes to skincare and you don’t want to wake up to a beauty disaster on your big day. Prepare well in advance by investing in a decent moisturiser and lip-balm.

20 tips for plannign a winter wedding fabmood-com-anastasiabelik-com

Image Source Photographer

11 If you are planning on having wedding photographs outdoors, it may be worth wearing wedding wellies! This way you and your ladies won’t ruin your shoes. Plus, they will look fab in your photographs!

12 Be sure to discuss your wedding day timeline with your photographer. It may sound obvious, but a lot of couples forget that it’ll get darker much earlier. You don’t want to miss any key photograph opportunities, so get that ‘first look’ photo early on in the day.

13 Provide your wedding guests with a basket full of cute white umbrellas. Chances are your guests won’t have brought an umbrella, but they’re a necessity in case it rains!

20 tips for planning a winter wedding junebugweddings-com-theimageisfound-com

Image SourcePhotographer

14 Keep your wedding guests cosy with hand-warmers or gloves! They’re a great choice for your Winter wedding favours.

15 Offer your guests a pre-ceremony cocktail or hot drink! Baileys, mulled wine or even just a cup of tea will help to make sure everyone has warmed up before the party starts.

16 Hot cocoa wedding favours and drink stations are a huge trend for this season. Create a DIY or self-serve hot chocolate station where your guests can make their own hot chocolate drinks with cream and marshmallows.

17 Be sure to speak to your wedding florist about which flowers are in season. If you want blooms that aren’t in season, it’ll be either impossible or very expensive to source them!

20 tips for planning a winter wedding ruffledblog-com-3photography-ca

Image SourcePhotographer

18 Have you considered holding your ceremony at a slightly earlier time? This will ensure that you make the most of the natural light for your wedding photographs.

19 Serve delicious hot food throughout the whole wedding day. Lots of warm, delicious canapés and toasty drinks!

20 Lastly, enjoy the wedding planning experience. No matter what sort of challenges you may face, you are still going to marry the man of your dreams!

20 tips for planning a winter wedding stylemepretty-com-coryryan-com

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Keep Warm At English Summer Weddings

Summer weddings are the most popular time of year to tie the knot. But it doesn’t mean that you are guaranteed glorious sunshine. English weather is always unpredictable so it’s important you prepare! Take a look at our top ways to keep warm at English Summer weddings so you and your guests can relax and enjoy your special day.

cosy blankets at summer weddings bridalmusings.com - sarahkathleen.com

Image SourcePhotographer

Open Fire Pit

Everybody loves a good bonfire, so what better way to keep your guests warm than a romantic open fireplace. You may be really lucky if your wedding venue already has one, so be sure to ask if you can use it during the evening celebrations. If your wedding venue doesn’t (which will most likely be the case), ask if you could bring your own fire pit to make the cooler evenings more bearable.

open fire pit at summer weddings stylemepretty.com - tecpetajaphoto.com

Image SourcePhotographer

You could hire some sofas or armchairs and create a cosy lounge area – which is especially perfect for the elder members of the family to relax away from the party. If you’re planning a country barn wedding, hay bays are the perfect choice for your chill-out area.

open fire pit at summer weddings itakeyou.co.uk - emilysteffen.com

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Toasting Marshmallows

If you do choose to have an open fire pit during your evening reception, marshmallows are a must-have! Treat your guests to marshmallows as wedding favours – it’ll give them a subtle clue about the evening reception. Alternatively, you could have a marshmallow bar area, where guests can create their own marshmallow masterpiece! Buy an assortment of different marshmallow colours and shapes for a fun touch.

toasting marshmallows summer weddings brit.co - bysarahjayne.com

Image SourcePhotographer

I also love the idea of warming hot chocolates and mini marshmallows in the evening. Keep it modern by serving in copper or silver mugs. Add a few flavoured syrups to the table and you’ve got your very own mini hot chocolate bar! A piping hot drink in the chilly evenings is always appreciated, and your guests will love the idea of it.

toasting marshmallows at summer weddings whimsicalwonderlandweddings.com - andrewkeher.co.uk

Image SourcePhotographer

Cosy Blankets

Provide your guests with some cosy shawls and blankets. Dot around your wedding venue in baskets with some cute signage to match, so your guests know they can help themselves. Your guests will really appreciate the gesture, especially if you’re having an outdoor wedding reception. If your budget allows it, they could double up as luxury wedding favours.

cosy blankets at summer weddings stylemepretty.com - gregfinck.com

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Warming Food

Hiring a food van that serves delicious warm food! A wood-fired pizza van or rustic burger van is a great way of keeping your guests both warm and fed late in the evening.

keep warm at summer weddings lovemydress.net - naomijanephotography.com

Image SourcePhotographer

Rainy Summer Weddings

Even if you’re having a wedding in the middle of Summer, there is always a slight chance of rain! Wedding wellies and umbrellas are becoming increasingly popular at festival-inspired, country and outdoor wedding celebrations. Not only do they keep you dry, they create some wonderful wedding photograph opportunities. Choose wellies that match your colour scheme for the bridal party and avoid a wedding washout.

keep warm at summer weddings rockmywedding.co.uk - michellelindsell.com - 1

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Prepare Your Guests

The weather at Summer weddings can be unpredictable, so keep an eye on the forecast in the lead up to your big day. If it’s going to be chilly or raining prepare your guests in advance and suggest that they bring coats, jackets or umbrellas. If you’ve got a wedding website, be sure to update it with the weather forecast.

keep warm at summer weddings stylemepretty.com - verosuh.com

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Aisle Style

Accessories your bridal outfit so you stay warm as the evening draws in. A fab sequin jacket will look super glam while keeping you cosy, meaning you can dance the night away without worrying about being cold.

keep warm at summer weddings stylemepretty.com - mariannewilsonphotography.com

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A tweed suit will keep your groom looking stylish and feeling warm. Keep cool during the day with a crisp shirt and then add layers such as a waistcoat and jacket for the evening.

keep warm at summer weddings whimsicalwonderlandweddings.com - emmaboileau.co.uk

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English Summer weddings are beautiful. We hope you’re feeling inspired after reading our quick and simple ideas for keeping warm.

Top Tips For Wedding Venue Decorations

Today we are sharing our top tips for wedding venue decorations. Whether you have been pinning away and have perhaps too many ideas to fit into one wedding or are feeling a bit lost and don’t really know where to start this post is for you. At The Wedding of my Dreams we are here to help when styling your wedding venue, any questions you have leave as a comment at the bottom.

Top tips for decorating your wedding venue put together by @theweddingomd

To get started with your venue decorations have a look at our top tips.

  1. Think about where your guests will spend most of their time at the venue. Decorate key areas but don’t decorate unnecessarily, spend your budget wisely and make sure your decorations will be seen by as many people as possible.
  2. Is there anything that would help your guests out on the day? A schedule of the day perhaps so they know what is happening when, if so this could be incorporated into your decor. For large venues where guests could get lost, directional signage could be incorporated into your venue decor. These decor items will be both useful and pretty.
  3. The last but most important tip to always keep in the forefront of your mind when planning your decorations, is make sure everything you choose fits in with your overall wedding style. This will give a cohesive look to your whole day and your wedding will look beautifully styled.


Decorate The Entrance To Your Venue

wedding ceremony signs ideas welcome (2)

Photo Credit

This will be the first time most of your guests visit your wedding venue, make them feel welcome and as though they have arrived at YOUR wedding. Personal touches to the entrance make the venue feel like yours for the day. You could tie giant balloons with tassel garlands to the sign at the entrance, or have your own personalised signs made saying something along the lines of welcome to the wedding of… If you don’t want to decorate the outside a welcome table just inside the venue is a lovely idea. Flowers, photos and little extras can look lovely at the entrance to your venue.

Drinks Station

Top Tips For Wedding Venue Decorations: Welcome Drinks

Buy Online / Photo Credit

We love the idea of a drinks station for your welcome drinks. If your venue allows or you’re having a marquee wedding why not let your guests serve themselves to their refreshments. These can be set up in drinks dispensers with mason jars and straws for a fun and relaxed wedding.

Wedding Signage

Top Tips For Wedding Venue Decorations: Directional Signs


As we mentioned earlier signage can be a helpful to your wedding guests, point them in the direction of the ceremony, drinks, food, dance floor…. Quirky signs can add an element of fun too, we love signs that say fun things like ‘Skinny people are easier to kidnap, stay safe – eat cake!’ perfect for your wedding cake table.

Table Plan

Top tips for wedding venue decorations: wedding table plans

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Guests will need to know where they are sitting, these days table plans can form a beautiful piece of decor. Depending on your style you could use rustic crates to style a table plan, an old window frame, ladders, or keep it simple and elegant a more traditional style table plan with modern calligraphy.

Hanging Decorations for the Wedding Breakfast

hanging paper lanterns wow factor wedding decorations

Photo Credit

You guests will spend a lot of time sitting down for their meal and listening to speeches. It is important to ensure this room is decorated to perfection and should probably be the focus of your decorations. For a WOW factor as guests enter the room we just love hanging lanterns, or perhaps bunting or string lights.

Backdrop for Top Table

Top Tips For Wedding Venue Decorations Backdrops for the top table

Photo credit

Your guests will face the top table when listening to speeches and your photographer will get many photos of you sitting here. It is important to not only decorate the table but think about the backdrop. Backdrops can be created in a number of ways, for crafty DIY style weddings how about creating a ribbon backdrop or our personal favourite a flower wall behind the bride and grooms table.

Little Extras

Extra touches such as flowers and pampering baskets in the ladies toilets can be a lovely touch.

Outside for Summer Evenings

Top Tips For Wedding Venue Decorations: Outdoor wedding venue decorations

Photo Credit

If you are hoping to use the outdoor areas at your venue once the sun has gone down, think about lighting and decor for this area. Lanterns, candles and flowers can add a lovely touch.


Childrens Wedding Activity Pack Ideas – Best Sellers

Are you inviting children to your wedding? Even if your not generally inviting children perhaps you have a few young ones attending as they are close family members. Young children can be fab at weddings, especially if you are having young flower girls and page boys walk down the aisle, there is nothing cuter. But have you thought about ways to entertain children throughout the wedding breakfast and speeches?

Giving each child their own activity pack is a lovely idea. Have a gift bag waiting for them at their seat filled with lots of little games and colouring activities to keep them happy (and quiet) during the meal. Below are some of our best sellers to help you with your childrens wedding activity pack ideas.

See our full collection of childrens wedding activities for sale in our shop.

Childrens wedding activities by @theweddingomd

Childrens Wedding Activity Pack Ideas – Best Sellers

1. Children’s Wedding Activity Book – Something To Keep Children Happy When Grown Ups Are Boring At The Dinner Table £6.50


2. Dominoes set in a wooden box £3 add-a-set-of-dominoes-to-your-childrens-wedding-activity-packs-available-from-@theweddingomd

3. Noughts and crosses on a chalkboard £4.50 noughts and crosses on a chalkboard is perfect for adding to a childrens wedding actvity bag available from @theweddingomd

4. Hangman on a chalkboard £4.50 hangman-on-a-chalkboard-is-perfect-for-adding-to-a-childrens-wedding-actvity-bag-available-from-@theweddingomd

5. Wax crayons – for filling in activity books and colouring £1.25


6. Bubbles in the shape of an ice cream, great for outdoors £2 blowing-bubbles-in-the-shape-of-an-ice-cream-perfect-for-childrens-wedding-activities-available-from-@theweddingomd

7. Modelling clay £2.75   modelling-clay-for-adding-into-childrens-wedding-activity-packs-available-from-@theweddingomd

8. Pick up sticks in a wooden box £3 traditional-childrens-games-are-perfect-for-adding-into-childrens-wedding-activity-bags-available-from-@theweddingomd

9. A hessian drawstring bag to put all the children’s activities in £1.50 hessian childrens activity bags available from @theweddingomd

10. Pink and white paper bag for a girls activity pack £4 for 8   pink-and-white-striped-gift-bag-for-childrens-wedding-activity-packs-available-from-@theweddingomd

A couple of extras!

If you are having young flower girls and pages boys you (and they) will LOVE these keepsake books!

This is my day as a flower girl keepsake book for weddings

this is my day as a flower girl keepsake book for weddings

This is my day as a page boy keepsake book for weddings this is my day as a page boy keepsake book for weddings