Vintage Glass Bottles ~ Ideas for Vintage Rustic Wedding Decorations

vintage glass bottles wedding decorations

Source: Sloan Photographers

Vintage glass bottles in a mismatch of sizes and colours work as beautiful DIY vases for wedding table decorations. Simply add a single stem flower into the bottle and display at your wedding reception.

Vintage bottles can look effective running along your top table, use the colours of flowers and bottles to tie in with your wedding colour scheme. If you have anywhere around your venue or outdoor space which will allow you to hang bottles, they make fab hanging decorations. Simple yet effective!

hanging wedding decorations vintage bottles Source: Ruffled Blog

For your guest tables cluster a group of vintage glass bottles together, either run them along the table if you're opting for long tables or make a group in the centre if you're having round tables.

Use a variety of different sized and coloured glass bottles, or keep them all matching, it's up to you.

vintage glass vases bottles Source: /Bridal Snob /Green Wedding Shoes/Green Wedding Shoes Blog/Flutter Glass Photo/ Mango Studios/

DIY Vintage Escort Cards

If you're looking for a unique way to display your escort cards or want something totally different to a traditional table plan then this might take your fancy. Cluster a number of bottles together on a table, fill with single stem flowers and tie a vintage brown paper luggage tag around the neck of the bottle with the guests name and table number written on it. Guests can collect their bottle and find out where they are sitting, the vases can double up as wedding favours as well.

kitsch escort card ideas Source: Max Wanger

If you are thinking of grouping a number of bottles together for your table centre pieces try tying the bottles with twine, vintage lace or ribbon in the colour of your bridesmaid dresses.

vintgae glass vase bottles tie with string twine Source: Ruffled Blog

Vases/Bottles are a great way to add a little bit of extra decoration to your dessert tables or drinks stations, position them next to your candy jars and fill with bright blooms or subtle coloured roses for a more subdued vintage style candy buffet.

vintage bottles sweet buffet Source: Green Wedding Shoes

If you have any window sills or mantle pieces at your wedding reception venue then line up your bottles in a row or intersperse with candles for a romantic evening glow.

vintage glass vases bottles vintage wedding table decorations

Source: Danielle King Photography / Sergio Mottola Photography

So there you are, there are so many ways to use vintage bottles at your wedding. If you're interested in using glass bottles as part of your wedding decorations then pop along to our shop and see the bottles we have available. shop this look copy

Mason Jar With Fairy Lights (LED Lights)

This week our wedding decoration of the week is our mason jar with fairy lights. These mason jars come filled with delicate LED lights and look beautiful around venues, on window sills, on outdoor tables or to line pathways. Such a simple but fab idea.

Mason Jar With Fairy Lights (LED Lights)

Mason jars with fairy lights available from @theweddingomd View our mason jars with fairy lights for sale in our shop

Product Details

  • Each mason jar comes with 10 white LED lights and a silver lid (battery powered).
  • Use these mason jars down the aisle for your ceremony, line a number of them up along pathways for the evening guests, place on your guest book table or even use in groupings on your tables.
  • The jar is embossed with the word Mason to complete the vintage look.
  • The mason jar measure 13 cm x 75cm
  • The mason jar takes 2 x AAA batteries (not included)
  • Generally for indoor use only. Can be used briefly on outdoor tables at wedding but avoid wet conditions.
  • Price: £9.50 each
  • View in shop

How To Make Paper Flags

Are you looking for those personal unique touches for your wedding? Making your own paper flags could be the way to make your wedding stand out and it couldn't be easier! Take a look at our 4 step DIY guide to making your own flags using decorative wedding tape for inspiration. Once you know the technique you could experiment with your own tapes or personalised paper notes to add something really special to your big day. Wedding Paper Flags Supplies needed:  How To Make Paper Flags Method: How To Make Paper Flags
  1. Carefully place a cocktail stick onto your chosen piece of decorative tape, making sure that the best part of the pattern will be on show.
  2. Fold the tape back over making sure that there is no messy looking overlaps.
  3. Snip the tape to the length you think looks best.
  4. Cut out a small triangle from the end to complete the flag.
Wedding Paper Flags These paper flags can be displayed in bottles around straws, in champagne corks, as name cards, in cupcakes, doughnuts or anywhere on your dessert table. Now you know how to make paper flags, take a look at how you could tailor the idea slightly more to suit your wedding theme with some of these inspiration photographs of flags that we love.

Wedding Paper Flags Source {Wedding Paper Flags in Cakes - Justin and Mary, Wedding Paper Flags in Bottles - Lisa Lefkowitz}

Wedding Paper Flags  Source {Handwritten Wedding Paper Flags - Whim & Wanderlust }

Have a look in our shop to find everything you'll need to make these really quick and easy wedding paper flags. If you haven't got the time and want to see what other flags are on offer, pop to the shop to see plenty of fun and pretty alternatives!

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Alphabet Stickers {DIY Wedding Ideas}

Our new alphabet stickers can be used in loads of different ways, which is your favourite?

Spell out words using the alphabet stickers on to luggage tags. You could hang words such as THANKS and CARDS from an old suitcase or birdcage to show guests where to leave their cards there. You could also hang MR AND MRS from the bride and groom's chairs as chair backs. alphabet stickers The alphabet stickers look great on our luggage tags, especially to personalise guests wedding favours. Adding the initial of your guest to their gift is a lovely way to gift wrap. alphabet stickers Place settings could also be as simple as leaving a luggage tag on each guests seat with their initial on. They could then use this luggage tag to write their wishes to the new couple and hang on the wish tree later in the day. Our A-Z stickers currently come in rustic brown (larger size) and black and white (smaller size). alphabet stickers When making your cards for your table plan is looks fab if you give it a title. Something as simple as TABLES or MR AND MRS on our birdcage table plans. alphabet stickers Can you think of any other ways they could be used? shop this look copy  

{Sneak Peek} Old School Milk Bottles 1/3 pint

Coming soon to The Wedding of my Dreams ~ Old School Milk Bottles ** update** They've arrived ~ Old School Milk Bottles 1/3 of a pint milk bottles make fab single stem vases. Dotted around your wedding venue or in groupings for wedding table decorations. Here we have fastened a few glass bottles together with thin wire and strung them from trees. This would make a gorgeous back drop don't you think?! glass bottles shop this look copy