Tiny Frames For Wedding Escort Cards

We have found another use for our tiny photo frames, the majority of our customer buy our tiny frames to hang on the front of their bouquets with a photo of their loved ones inside. We also have another idea. How about using the tiny frames as your escort cards.

Tiny Frames For Wedding Escort Cards

Escort cards are an alternative to a wedding table plan. Each guest finds their card, the card has their name on one side and table number on the other. You could use the tiny frames as a way to display your escort cards, use our handmande paper and tear it to size, write the guests name one ones side and table number on the other then place inside the frame. You could hang all the frames up on branches, from wooden beams, or elsewhere around your venue.

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tiny frames for wedding escort cards

Or another simple idea, use them to press flowers from your wedding day.

tiny frames for weddings pressed flower heads

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FREE Download: Printable Escort Cards

Looking for something simple yet stylish for your escort cards, and something you can make yourself? Our printable escort cards are a great idea if you want to make your own escort cards. Escort cards are similar to a table plan, each guest will have to find their own card and on it shows their table number. You can either let your guests sit anywhere on that table or have place cards set out on the table.

Free Printable wedding escort cards from @theweddingomd

Print your own escort cards

These escort cards are classic in style. Print the escort cards out onto plain white card, or coloured card if that is more in keeping with your wedding style. Then hand write the guests name onto the card and circle their table number. Cut out the escort cards neatly with scissors.

Ways to present your escort cards.

We like to keep it simple, you could put a hole in the top or each card and add some twine to hang the cards up on branches. Alternatively set all the escort cards out in rows, in alphabetical order, place the cards in card holders to complete the look.

Free Printable Escort Cards

Two styles available, tables numbered 1 – 9 or tables numbered 1 – 12. Click the image below you would like to download.


escort card free printable (1 - 12)   escort card free printable (1 - 9)