Delightful Spring Wedding Table Plan Ideas

IDEAS FOR SPRING WEDDING TABLE PLANS Image Source - Photographer Your seating plan will be one of the focal points of your wedding reception, and it's one thing that all of your wedding guests will be looking at. So you want to make sure it's absolutely perfect, right? Which is why today, we're treating you to some gorgeous table plan ideas for your Spring wedding. 15 Spring Table Plan Ideas Image Source - Photographer

Delightful Spring Wedding Table Plan Ideas

Empty wine or gin bottles can create a really beautiful table plan for your Spring celebration. Personalise a sticker with your table numbers or names, list each guest and simply stick to the front of a bottle. Then fill the bottles with a handful of pretty Spring blooms for a nod towards the season. Our wine bottle table numbers look elegant, and they're incredibly easy to use. 15 Spring Table Plan Ideas - Image Source - Photographer If you're planning a country garden, rustic or barn wedding theme, you'll love our rustic wedding table plan with flower pots. You can fill the silver buckets with potted plants, lavender or your favourite Spring flowers. 15 Spring Table Plan Ideas available to buy online from @theweddingomd Rustic_Wedding_Table_Plan_with_flower_Pots_1024x1024 Image Source - Photographer If you want a modern and stylish wedding table plan, you'll love this idea. Wrap wild foliage and greenery around a metal hoop and hang it from your wedding venue. You'll then need attach your seating arrangements to lengths of ribbon, and tie them to the top and bottom of the hoop. This is a fab choice for a botanical-inspired wedding theme. 15 Spring Table Plan Ideas - Image Source - Photographer Ladders can be used in lots of ways throughout your wedding day, but they provide a great base for your seating plan. You could attach your seating arrangements to plant pots, frames or blackboards and place them on each rung of the ladder. Add in a few blooms, tea lights or decorations for an extra special touch. This table plan can suit any style of wedding too. 15 Spring Table Plan Ideas - Image Source - Photographer If you're dreaming of a country garden wedding theme, why not use plant pots as the main inspiration for your table plan? Attach the table number to the plant pot, and write the name of each guest on a lollipop stick. You can then place them in the plant pots and display on a garden bench. It'll look oh-so-lovely! 15 Spring Table Plan Ideas - Image Source - Photographer When it comes to Spring wedding table plan ideas, we recommend using a lot of pretty flowers to reflect the season. Even the simplest of seating plans can look beautiful with the addition of a few flowers and some foliage. 15 Spring Table Plan Ideas - Image Source - Photographer For a vintage wedding theme, look no further than our birdcage table plan. This is a super pretty addition to your wedding reception, and it'll set the scene perfectly. 15 Spring Table Plan Ideas Image Source - Photographer You could display your seating plan on a large easel adorned with colourful blooms. You want to make sure your table plan is easy for your guests to understand, as there will be a mad rush when everyone starts to look for where they're seated. Your table plan should be beautiful, without being too complicated. 15 Spring Table Plan Ideas - Image Source - Photographer Our world map wedding table plan is popular with couples who are having a travel or wanderlust wedding theme. It's also a lovely idea if you met while travelling, or if you've visited a lot of countries together. You can name your tables after lots of different places, and it's a lovely idea for a Spring wedding. 15 Spring Table Plan Ideas available to buy online from @theweddingomd - Image Source - Photographer Why not name your wedding tables after a collection of Spring blooms or birds? Hand-painted illustrations will look lovely in individual frames, and your guests will love the unusual idea. 15 Spring Table Plan Ideas - Image Source - Photographer An antique or old window pane can be extremely useful when it comes to Spring wedding table ideas. You can decorate it with a handful of Spring posies, while using the panes of glass to write your seating arrangements. This simple idea looks seriously beautiful, especially if you're having an elegant English garden affair. You can also recreate this idea on a mirror or picture frame. 15 Spring Table Plan Ideas - Image Source - Photographer There are so many table plan ideas for a delightful Spring wedding, so you'll be spoilt for choice. Whether you're planning a rustic wedding theme or country barn celebration, you're guaranteed to find something to suit your style. shop-now  

How To Make A Wooden Crate Wedding Table Plan

We love this idea of using wooden crates to form part of a large scale wedding table plan. Why not make a feature of your wedding table plan, use it to style an area of your venue, this idea is just perfect for a rustic woodland wedding.

How To Make A Wooden Crate Wedding Table Plan

how to make a wedding table plan using wooden crates

You will need:

Using our kraft brown labels print the names of your tables and names of people sitting on those tables onto the kraft labels, then stick these onto your luggage tags. These tables have been named after countries around the world to tie in with a travel wedding theme. how to type print onto luggage tags Add water the your kilner jars or jam jars and arrange a pretty mix of flowers within the vase. Finish off by tying a luggage tag around the neck of the vase. Position your crates how you wish, a slightly random pattern with them all facing slightly different ways looks good for a laid back rustic style. This will create shelving. Place the kilner jars with the luggage tags facing front ways on the shelves you made from the crates. If there are gaps we suggest adding potted plants, succulents, lanterns, candles or other decorative pieces to complete the look. how to make a wedding table plan using wooden crates shop now

Our Wedding Decorations Used At Real Weddings

Here at The Wedding of my Dreams we love seeing how you use our wedding decorations at your weddings. All of you put your own spin on  our decorations and use them in different ways to suit your personal style. In this blog post we have chosen a few of our favourite images, showing different ways of using our wedding decorations. We hope it inspires you. Shabby Chic Cream Jugs £10.95 // Distressed Cream Jugs £14.50 Here our cream jugs have been used to display the brides and bridesmaids bouquets when they are not being held. This not only keeps the flowers fresh on a hot summers day but creates extra floral decorations which can be used around your venue - and your wedding guests can see and smell the bouquets more closely. Cream jugs with bridesmaids bouquets Photo credit: Boo Weddings World Map Print Table Plan £7.50 Our world map print has been used here as a lovely travel inspired table plan, the tables have been named after different countries around the world. World map wedding table plan Photo credit: Hayley Savage Photography Hemisphere Map Wedding Table Plan £7.50 Similarly to above our world hemisphere map has been used as the table plan. World map wedding table plan Photo credit: Mister Phill Birdcage Wedding Table Plan £37 Our birdcage table plan has been used here with lovely cream and purple roses to decorate. We think this looks lovely on the ornate wooden easel. Birdcage wedding table plan Photo credit: Andrew Ward Rustic Table Plan With Flower Pots £30 This couple used our rustic table plan and filled the flower pots with lovely bright summer flowers to complete the country rustic look. Rustic wedding table plan with flower pots Photo credit: We Heart Pictures Just Married Hessian Bunting £16 We often see our just married hessian bunting hung from the entrance of venues and wooden beams in a barn wedding, but we love the idea of hanging the hessian just married bunting from the front of the top table. This frames the newly married couple perfectly throughout the wedding breakfast. Hessian just married bunting along top table Photo credit: Boo Weddings Distressed Cream Jug £14.50 Here our distressed cream jugs have been used as centrepieces, filled with beautiful blooms including peonies, hydrangeas, dahlias, veronica and roses. To give a little extra interest to the centrepiece the jugs have been placed onto of a stack of books with crystal vases around the base. Cream jug wedding centrepieces Photo credit: Jo Hastings Three Tier Glass Cake Stand £25 // Blackboard Bucket £6.95 Love the choice of colours at this wedding, the peach David Austin roses look stunning against the vibrant green. Here our glass three tiered cake stands have been used as elegant centrpeieces and our blackboard buckets were given as "thank you flowers". Pressed glass cake stand wedding centrepiece and blackboard bucket vase Photo credit: Anneli Marinovich Mercury Silver Candlesticks £16 for 2 We love this centrepiece of peonies and hydrangeas in a beautiful silver footed bowl finished off with 6 of our mercury silver candle sticks. Mercury silver candle sticks around stunning silver footed vases of hydrangeas and roses Photo credit: Matt Davis Mercury Silver Footed Tea Light Holder £6 One of our mercury silver tea light holders used here around the base of a larger floral arrangement, we think it looks stunning mixed in with other silver items. Mercury silver footed tea light holders Photo credit: Photography by Tarik Dainty Mercury Silver Vase £8  This is the same table as above, our mercury silver vases were added around the main centrepiece vase for more impact. Mercury silver smal vases Photo credit: Photography by Tarik Ribbed Mercury Silver Vase £2.50 Sticking with our mercury silver items our ribbed mercury silver tea light holders look lovely displayed on this silver plate with elegant pearls. Mercury silver tea light holders Photo credit: Simon Bunney White Heart Pegs £5 for 20 Our white heart pegs were used to peg these pretty floral place cards to the wine glasses of each guest. We love this idea, it makes the names easy to see and saves space on the tables. White heart pegs on wine glasses for place names Photo credit: Lola Rose Photography Let The Love Grow Personalised Stickers £7.50 for 18 We think these cute succulents planted in jam jars make lovely favours with our personalised let the love grow stickers. Wedding date and succulent wedding favours let the love grown stickers Photo credit: Xander and Thea Bunch Of Dried Lavender £6 for bunch of approx 250 stems A couple of stems of dried lavender on each guests place setting is a lovely touch, and perfect for a country rustic wedding. This will bring a gorgeous scent to the tables too. Lavender napkin decorations Photo credit: Jen Marino Photography Mercury Silver Candle Sticks £16 for 2 I know we have already featured our mercury silver candle sticks used on a wedding table but we couldn't resist sharing this photo too. We just love this mantle piece full of candles in different shapes and sizes with a row of our mercury silver candle sticks against the mirror. Mercury silver candle sticks on fireplace Photo credit: Matt Davis Paper Pom Poms from £5 We love the use of our paper pom poms in mint green, blush pink and white in this rustic marquee. They look amazing hanging from the ceiling and the bales of hay covered with blankets make a great seating area. Pastel coloured paper pom poms Photo credit: Adam Hillier Photography Mr & Mrs Cake Bunting £7.50 Our mini bunting cake topper looks perfect on top of this cake framed with peach David Austin roses. d0b156150e7d8e2020515f067ff2260e Photo credit: Xander and Thea Pick Me Cake Flags £3.50 pack of 12 How delicious does this look? We love the addition of our vintage tea party cake flags on the little cupcakes. They also made their own Mr & Mrs cake flags from our decorative tape and cocktail sticks. Eat me Pick me cake toppers Photo credit: Xander and Thea Alphabet Stickers £1.75 for A4 sheet Our rustic alphabet stickers have been stuck onto luggage tags here to spell out the word CARDS. Hanging this from the lid of a vintage suitcases make a lovely place for guest to drop their cards and write in the guest book. CARDS bunting on suitcase Photo credit: Shepherd Photography Hessian fabric £3 per metre Love this creative way of using ur hessian burlap fabric. Use the fabric to wrap gifts and tie with lace ribbon. rustic gift wrapping use burlap and lace hessian wedding ideas Photo credit: Milk Bottle Photography Just Married paper Lanterns £17.50 What a lovely photo, our Just Married lanterns can make a real statement at weddings. We love this. just married paper lanterns signs Photo credit: Keoma Zec Photography 

How To Make A Wedding Table Plan: Blackboard Buckets And Wooden Crates

Make your own wedding table plan!

One of our customers had the creative idea of using our blackboard buckets to make her wedding table plan and we love it. It's so simple and looks fab, especially if you are having a chalkboard or blackboard theme to your wedding. A blackboard theme works well if your wedding venue is a country pub or barn or even a marquee. Perhaps both of you are teachers so blackboards reflect your job?

How to make a wedding table plan from blackboard buckets with herbs staked on wooden crates  wedding table plan blackboard buckets and crates

What you will need:

How To Make The Table Plan:

  1. Write your table numbers on the front of each blackboard bucket in chalk
  2. Put a potted plant inside each blackboard bucket. Our photo shows lavender, herbs also work well
  3. On a table stack your wooden crates to make shelves for your buckets to sit on
  4. Place your blackboard buckets on the wooden crates

How To Make The Mini Bunting:

how to make mini paper bunting
  1. Now you have to show guests which table they are sitting at - make your own mini bunting to string up within each bucket, write a guests name on each bunting flag so they know which table they are sitting at.
  2. Take 2 wooden dowels and tie a piece of string between them approx 15cm (this will be the structure for your bunting)
  3. Cut out diamond shapes from the brown paper (make sure the shapes fold in half to make a triangle)
  4. Write or print a guests name on the botton half of the diamond shape, do this for all your guests.
  5. Gather together all the pieces of paper with guests names on who are sitting at table 1. Fold the first paper diamond in half to make a triangle and wrap it over the string, now stick it down with pritt stick so you have a triangle bunting flag. Do the same for all the guests on that table.
  6. Pick up the two wooden dowels with the mini bunting now hanging from it and stake it into the potted plant in the blackboard bucket marked table 1
  7. Repeat this for all your tables
Don't let your potted plants go to waste, nominate a special guest on each table to take the   plant in the blackboard bucket home with them. shop this look copy   

Wedding Table Plan Ideas ~ Save The Date Magazine

If you follow our blog you'll know I write regular features for Save The Date Magazine. This issue I have talked all about wedding table plans, coming up with your seating plan can be one of the hardest parts of planning the wedding. Read on for the rest of the article. wedding table plan ideas save the date magazine Oh no, who have they sat us with?! Coming up with the table plan can be one of the hardest parts when planning your wedding, choosing where everyone sits while keeping them happy at the same time. As well as choosing where everyone sits you also have to choose how to display your seating plan, no doubt you’ve spent a long time styling the rest of your wedding décor, it’s worth having a think about how you want your table plan to look to keep in with the style of your day.

There is help out there

Top table planner is an online tool which helps you get your seating plan right. Adam from Top Table Planner shares his top 3 tips for arranging your seating plan. 1.  Start as early as you can. Arranging the seating is widely recognised as one of the most stressful parts of planning a wedding and it can take longer than you think. 2.  Tackle the top table first as this is often the trickiest. Certainly don’t feel you need to stick to the traditional layout - do what works best for you! 3.  Ask your venue if they can accommodate a few different sized tables. This can make arranging your seating plan a lot easier. Once you’ve decided where everyone is sitting comes the fun part, you can choose how to display it.

Perhaps you have a theme?

For a rustic wedding hang your table cards from rustic flower pots filled with country flowers on wooden boards, a lovely look for a Summer wedding. This rustic table plan was styled by Passion for Flowers, photography by For another rustic look chalkboard table plans are great, just get hold of a giant blackboard and write out your table plan, perfect for any last minute changes. Photography by Christian Ward Photography For a vintage styled wedding displaying your table plan in a vintage suitcase can look wonderful, or have you thought of having a seating plan displayed like a washing line. Vintage suitcase by Dottie Creations, washing line from The Vintage Drawer If you like to travel as a couple have you thought about naming your tables after countries you’ve visited, your table plan could be styled on a world map with luggage tags as the table cards. Maybe you met in London and have certain memories from different areas of the city, use a London Underground map as the base of your table plan and name tables after areas which mean something special to you. For example the area of your first flat, first date etc.

Try your hand at DIY

For a DIY look for your table plan use a cream wire frame with luggage tags as table plan cards. The luggage tags can be styled with vintage keys hanging from each card, symbolising the key that unlocks your future. All of these items are available from Alternatively use lots of different photo frames and set them up on a table, place your table cards inside the photo frames and dot around a couple of single stem roses in bottles to finish off the look.

Numbers with a difference

Are you thinking of keeping it simple and numbering your tables, sometimes table numbers can be seen as a hierarchy. You don’t have to number from 1 to 10. Why not use numbers which mean something special to you both. For example, 2 – date you met, 6 – days until your honeymoon, 9 – years you’ve been together, 23 – date you were engaged