Looking for an alternative to the traditional wedding guest book? What do you think of a polaroid photo guest book? Collect polaroid photos of each of your guests at your wedding and keep them in an album after as an alternative guest book.

All you need is a polaroid camera, ball of string, pegs and a sign explaining what to do! Looking back through the photos of your guests in years to come with their comments on them makes a lovely alternative guest book. The photos look fab strung up around your wedding venue on the day itself.

Polaroid Photo Guest Book

polaroid photo altenative guest book wedding copyPhoto credits: polaroid photos strung up on string, ball of string, pegs, sign for alternative guest book, final photo of photos hanging on string.

What do you think of this alternative photo guest book? Guests will have loads of fun taking photos and you’ll be left with some fab photos. If you need string and pegs to make your photo bunting we have them available in our shop.

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