This week our wedding decorations of the week are our new paper confetti cones. These floral paper confetti cones are so pretty filled with confetti of your choice. Here we have filled with our summer mix pink purple delphinium petal confetti as well as soft pink.

The cones are made from floral paper which has a different pattern on both sides so the cones can be reversible. The paper comes flat, easy to post, and you can roll up in a cone shape and fasten with the heart stickers they come with. Place the paper confetti cones in a box or wooden crate for your guests to pick up on their way out of the ceremony.

Floral Paper Confetti Cones

floral paper confetti cones

See our floral paper confetti cones for sale in our shop

Product Details

  • The paper has a pretty floral design on both sides in pale blue, pink and ivory, they are reversible so you can create cones in two complementary designs.
  • Cones come in a set of 10.
  • One large bag of our confetti fills approx. 10 cones.
  • Once made the cones measure approx. 15cm in length.
  • Price: £6 for 10
  • View in shop
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