Have you decided to say thank you to your guests with wedding favours? We love the idea of making your own wedding favours, especially edible ones.  You could make your own jam, chutney or honey, put them in little jars and decorate them before giving them to your guests. There are lots of ways to decorate the little jars, add personalised favour labels, different coloured fabric to the lids, gift tags and then it’s up to you whether you leave a favour at everyone’s place setting or create a feature display with all the favours in one area.

We have been pinning our favourite ways to decorate and display jam and chutney wedding favours. See more on our pinterest board.

Jam And Chutney Wedding Favours

jam and chutney wedding favours

Images sources can be found on the pinterest board.

Here at The Wedding of my Dreams we have lots of little bits and pieces to help with making your own jam and chutney wedding favours. We have tiny glass jars, jam jars, personalised love is sweet and spread the love stickers and hessian fabric to tie around the lid.

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