How To Create A Rustic Wedding Dessert Table

A rustic wedding has always been a popular choice for couples, and we don’t think this charming theme is going anywhere! Whether you’re planning a country barn wedding or an outdoor celebration, a rustic wedding dessert table is a delicious addition. Discover our tips and tricks for creating the ultimate rustic wedding dessert table.

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How To Create A Rustic Wedding Dessert Table

A wedding cake table backdrop is guaranteed to look gorgeous and it’s an easy way of adding the wow factor to your wedding venue. A hessian or burlap backdrop will look wonderful behind your dessert table. However, you could also use some rustic brown paper as a backdrop. If you’re providing your guests with various yummy treats, we love the thought of writing the menu selection on the paper.

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Wooden pallets would also make a unique backdrop your dessert or cake table, and they’re the perfect way to add a rustic touch to your decor. If you wanted to add a pop of colour, simply tie some ribbons or pretty balloons to the pallets. Blooms and foliage are also the perfect match for wooden backdrops.

How To Create A Rustic Wedding Dessert Table - wooden backdrops

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Make a statement with a rustic wedding dessert table by using a combination of wooden crates and ladders. You can decorate the ladders with greenery, lanterns or vases full of flowers. If you are using wooden crates as part of your rustic wedding dessert table, we suggest using them as part of your centrepieces too. You could also use them to hold your confetti cones or wedding programs. This will keep your wedding decor looking coordinated.

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Have you ever considered using wooden barrels to create a rustic wedding dessert table? Place your wedding cake on just one barrel, or you use two to create a table overflowing with delicious treats and yummy cakes.

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Stuck for ideas on how to decorate your rustic wedding dessert table? Look no further than dried moss. You can use this to decorate the edges of the table, and it’ll be the perfect way of adding a rustic vibe to your reception. Why not use it to line your reception tables too?

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Wild blooms with a country garden feel will look super pretty tied to your dessert table. Use a twine ribbon for an extra rustic touch. Keep the same theme throughout your decor by pinning them to the end of your aisle pews too.

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We love how you can use a variety of wooden crates to create a unique cake and dessert display. Style the crates so they are different heights and shapes for extra interest. Your guests won’t be able to resist having a slice of cake or two.

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Cheese cakes are a delicious addition to any dessert table, and they’re a must-have addition to a rustic wedding. Fill the drawers of a dresser with savoury biscuits, cutlery and fruit.

How To Create A Rustic Wedding Dessert Table

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Use a variety of rustic wooden tree slices to display your wedding cake, cupcakes or other scrumptious delights. Use a mixture of different sizes and styles – this natural and wild style is simply made for a rustic wedding.

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Go all out with your wedding cake stand by using a large tree stump. You could even carve out a heart or your initials into the wood for a personal touch. Our birch bark lanterns with a heart cut-out would look fab surrounding your dessert table.

How To Create A Rustic Wedding Dessert Table

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There is something so romantic and charming about a rustic wedding, and it’s easy to reflect this theme through your dessert table. Don’t let your wedding cake and desserts go unnoticed with our rustic wedding table inspiration!



Take A Treat – Wedding Dessert Table

As you will probably know Gemma write for Save The Date Magazine, this issue her article was about how to create a wedding dessert table. Read the magazine online here.

save the data magazine take a treat - wedding dessert tables

Do you and your other half LOVE cakes and sweet treats? If the answer to that question is yes then having a dessert table or sweet station at your wedding might be just up your street.

Dessert tables are eye catching, economical and can fit in with any colour scheme or theme you have chosen for your wedding. You can either enlist the help of an expert or create your dessert table or sweet station yourself.

How many sweets will I need?

If you are going to create a dessert table yourself this article will be a useful source of inspiration. To start with you will need to work out how many sweets to buy, this will depend on the number of guests you are having. The event industry standard is approximately ½ pound (or 8 ounces) per person, some may take more and others may take less but this is a good guide for the least amount of sweets you need.

What sort of cake plates or glass candy jars should I use?

Next you will need to decide what types of containers you are going to display your sweets, desserts and cakes in. This will depend on the types of desserts you choose and your overall wedding style. Some desserts such as doughnuts and cakes look better on cake plates or in trays whereas marshmallows and smaller sweets suit glass jars. Depending on your style you could choose glass candy jars, rustic tree slices, vintage crockery, the list is endless and cakes and sweets can always be decorated with little flags if you wish. For a styled look keep all the desserts to a set colour palette, you can choose different shades or different colours but keeping to a set palette will look stunning.

 Drinks station instead?

If you are not so keen on the idea of desserts or want something similar for guests to help themselves from earlier in the day a drinks station might be more appropriate. Set up large drinks dispensers filled with signature cocktails and let guests help themselves.

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At The Wedding of my Dreams we sell a large collection of sweet jars, cake plates, tongs, drinks dispensers and glasses. Be sure to check us out if you are thinking of setting something like this up at your wedding.

Top 10 Wedding Decorations For A Dessert Table


Top 10 Wedding Decorations For A Dessert Table

Today we are looking at our top 10 wedding decorations for a dessert table. Our expanding dessert table and candy buffet collections are proving popular with our couples this year. If you are thinking of having a table set up to display your wedding cake and other sweet treats (macarons, cupcakes, flapjacks, doughnuts…..the list is endless) you might like some of these.

1. Silver Tongs £2.50

silver tongs fod wedding dessert table

2. Brown Paper Bags £3.50 for 40

brown paper bags time to drink champagne and dance on the tables

3. Ribbed glass sweet jars from £3.95

glass jars for wedding dessert tables

4. Silver scoops £6 for 2

silver scoops for wedding dessert table

5. Ceramic Cake Plates from £15

ceramic cake plates

6. Pressed Glass Dessert Bowl £ 7.50

pressed glass dessert bowl

7. Milk Bottles £2.75 each

milk bottles for dessert tables

 8. Gold paper straws £3 for 25

gold paper straws

9. Gold Glitter Heart Cake Toppers £5 per pack

gold glitter cake toppers

10. Gold Glitter LOVE Cake Topper – Coming Soon

gold glitter cake topper

{NEW} Cake Plates, Tongs, Paper Straws – Wedding Dessert Tables

If you are treating your wedding guests to a dessert table or candy buffet at your wedding you must check out the new additions to our dessert table collection. For displaying all those mouthwatering cakes and doughnuts you may like our milk glass cake stands, they come in a lovely range of pastel colours, from pink to lemon to blue and even mint green.

We have silver scoops, and tongs to help pick up the tasty treats. We have a few extras including flags and cake toppers for your cupcakes in pastel shades as well as glitter gold and silver. And why not finish the look off with our honeycomb paper pom poms hanging above the dessert table.

Milk glass cake plates small £15

Milk glass cake plates large £45

cake plates cake stands pastel colours wedding dessert tables

Blue // Yellow // Mint Green // Blush Pink

cake plates pastel pink yellow blue mint green wedding dessert table milk glass

Enjoy / Eat Me Cupcake Flags £5 for pack of 12 Pink

Enjoy / Eat Me Cupcake Flags £5 for pack of 12 Mint Green

cupcake flags cake toppers eat me wedding dessert table

Stickers for Straws £4.50 for pack of 30

flags for straws wedding dessert tables

Paper straws in new colours £3 for pack of 30

Blue and white stripe // Red and white stripe // Mint green and white stripe paper straws red blue mint green wedding dessert table

Silver tongs for picking up your sweet treats

glass candy jars tongs wedding dessert table

Small silver tongs £2.50 // Large silver tongs £3 silver tongs wedding dessert table  (2) silver tongs wedding dessert table  (1)

Gold Glitter Cupcake Toppers £5

gold glitter cupcake flags hearts cake toppers wedding dessert table

Silver Glitter Cupcake Toppers £5

silver glitter cupcake flags hearts wedding dessert table

Pastel Honeycomb Pom Poms £5

Peach // Pink // Blue // Mint Green honeycomb paper pom poms large peach blush pink blue See our entire dessert table collection here.


Wedding Dessert Table Inspiration

Are you thinking of having a wedding dessert table? If you’re anything like us here at The Wedding of my Dreams you’ll love anything sweet… chocolates, cake pops, cup cakes and ice cream mmmm.

We have some lovely glass cakes stands, glass sweetie jars, milk bottles and drinks dispensers which can all be used on your wedding dessert table. We thought this morning we would share some of our styling inspiration for wedding dessert tables.

Browse below to see some of our favourite dessert table ideas.

1. A rustic glamour wedding dessert table with white and gold coloured sweets and cakes in glass sweet jars and cake plates. Love the wooden tree stumps at the back for height and the backdrop ‘One upon a table’. rustic wedding dessert table once upon a table

2. A beautiful wedding dessert table set up in a barn with exposed brickwork backdrop. Love the paper wall decorations and hessian bunting hanging in front of the tables. They have used a mix of cake stands and jars to create this look. rustic wedding dessert table hessian bunting

3. A simple wedding dessert table set up in a marquee. The wedding cake is the centrepiece in this dessert table with it sat in the centre of the table on a crate for added height. Cake pops, macaroons, cakes and sweets are extra desserts for guests to enjoy. Again the front of the table has been decorated with hessian JUST MARRIED bunting. rustic wedding dessert table hessian just married bunting

4. An outdoor wedding dessert table. The extra candle light from the tea light holders add a romantic glow to this set up. The cakes and treats have been chosen reflect the colours of the wedding, white, mint green and rich dark brown. rustic wedding dessert table

5. A simple yet stunning dessert table. The cake plates and cake stands have been set up on a rustic wooden table. Extra details include bottles with flowers and a ribbon backdrop. wedding dessert table glass cake stands

6. We love the idea of letting your wedding guests help themselves to drinks at your wedding, create fun fruit cocktails and set them out in glass drinks dispensers for guests to top up their glasses.

7. A rustic brown and cream wedding dessert table, using wooden crates and vintage suitcases to add height. Adding paper pom poms above the table creates impact and draws guests attention to the area. wedding dessert table glass drinks dispensers

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