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Here at The Wedding of my Dreams we love those little extra touches, tassel garlands are a great way to add your own personal touches to your wedding, you can make them in your own choice of colours and hang them where ever you think would look best. We love them strung around the ceremony as well as in front of dessert tables and present tables, they even look fab hanging in front of the top table.

Tassel garlands are easy peasy to make which is why we thought we’d give you a step by step guide on how to make them, thanks to Linen, Lace & Love’s for their guide. We recommend enlisting the help of your bridesmaids if you’re thinking of making a lot of these!

How To Make Tassel Garlands

tassel garlands step by step guide how to make

What You Will Need To Make Tassel Garlands

  • tissue paper in your choice of colours (one peice of tissue will make 4 tassels)
  • scissors
  • string / twine
  • glue gun

tassel garlands step by step guide how to make

1. Take one piece of tissue paper and fold it lengthwise, then fold it widthwise, then widthwise again.

tassel garlands step by step guide how to make

2. Now cut the tissue into little strips to create your tassels, leave 2 inches at the top un-cut, before you start cutting make sure the top is your folded edge. If the tissue is too thick to cut through you can unfold it once to cut the strips.

tassel garlands step by step guide how to make

3. If you unfolded the tissue paper to make it easier to cut you now need cut the paper along the unfolded seam. If you didn’t unfold it you now need to do this and cut it in half. Unfold the tissue again, you will need to cut one of the pieces in half lenghtwise, you will now have 4 sections.

tassel garlands step by step guide how to make

4. Take one section at a time and twist the centre, make sure the tassels don’t get twisted. It is easier if you roll the whole section first before twisting it. tassel garlands step by step guide how to make

5. Now make a loop with the twisted section and stick it together with the glue gun. You only need a small spot of glue.  Make as many of these as you like and string them up!tassel garlands step by step guide how to make

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  1. Thanks so much for this tutorial, especially with the close-up pictures and step-by-step instructions. I’m not getting married, but this will be perfect for my daughter’s Sweet 16 party!

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